Medical Services for everyone

Adult Primary Health Care

Your relationship with your primary care doctor is critical to leading a healthy life. Unity Medical Clinic physicians take the time to understand your health care needs and provide you with the best course of action, offering medication, education, counseling, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses.

Available at: All Unity Clinics

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Children and Adolescents have different needs than their parents. Unity Medical Clinic is prepared with specially trained physicians to address the unique needs of your children and establish a partnership with the parents you can rely on.

Available at: Unity Medical Clinic at Getwell, Memphis TN

Walk-In Services

We recognize your care needs can be unpredictable. Unity Medical Clinics are ready to see you when you need us through our Walk In offering.

Available at: All Unity Clinics

Behavioral Health Care and Addiction Treatment

Wellness does not end with your physical health. Unity Medical Clinics will treat all of your care needs, both physical and behavioral. Our psychiatric and psychological partners are located within our clinics and will coordinate with your primary care provider to offer you comprehensive treatment.

Available at: Antioch, Madison, Nashville, Clarksville, Bloomington IN, Columbus IN.

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